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Builders & Contractors Guild

The Guild of Builders and Contractors was formed in 1992 by 14 builders.  Their aim was to create a Guild consisting of reputable firms and individuals actively involved in the building industry who were experienced, knowledgeable and traded with integrity.  They also wished to provide appropriate services to members and ensure that the costs of membership were, and remained, considerably less than other trade organizations.

Stone Work

George Rennie award for stone bay window
The George Rennie awards created by the city councils conservation area advisory committee and is dedicated to the memory of George Rennie,
whom was for many years the city's principle conservation officer.
Although it is normally annual award, it depends upon enough developments being of a suitably high standard.
If the conservation area advisory committee considers that there isn't a building of high enough standard we wont have an award.
All the developments that take place within Derby's conservation areas, or if they are on the statutory or local lists, are eligible for this award.
The committee members then draw up a long list of nominations, taken from planning applications submitted throughout the year,
and whittle down the numbers to a short-list of key developments that they believe are worthy.
It is a tough decision and can be hotly contested, but the committee need to make there decision based on the following criteria:
* The design, selection and use of materials
* The overall execution and standard of craftsmanship
* The projects harmony with the street or its surrounding
* And weather it enhances a conservation area or locally listed building
This year, the committee decided commend the quality of the work and completed design of the reinstated stone bay window
at 67 Otter Street, Derby, completed by Alison Building & Window Company,
which was considered to enhance the character of the Strutts park conservation area.